Oil recipes or tips

There are many popular recipes with olive oil that has always been used not only in the kitchen but also as home remedies.

  • Frying: As virgin olive oil is quite viscous it expands when it is heated so the amount needed to fry is less than in other oils. Olive oil resist high temperatures so it can be re-used more than other oils. Olive oil proteins help fried food to absorb much less cooking oil and at the same time create a crispy exterior of the food.

  • Soap: Ingredients are 500 g of lye (caustic soda), 3 liters of water and 3 liters of virgin or extra olive oil (it has to be raw). Pour the water into a bowl and carefully pour the lye into the water and stir just enough to combine. Leave the solution to cool during 4 hours (because that reaction heats water). Next add oil and stir continuously, always in the same direction, until disolved. Fragrances can be added, rosemary, essence of vanilla, or even Mercurochrome (aids the formation of scar tissue), etc. to create a scented soap. Olive oil soap has numerous skin health benefits. It helps prevent common skin disease such acne. Helps against piles and relieves the pain of burns.

  • Crude oil: Crude olive oil relieves itch and skin irritation. It can be applied directly to skin with a gentle masaje at nights. It is also helpful for breaking nails. Taking one tablespoon of olive oil a day helps against constipation and gallstones or gallbladder stones.