Oil Mill

Mills have changed a lot since the traditional press mill. Nowadays the process is much faster and fermentation or oxidations do not occur. That is why we are able to maintain the same quality that brings the fruit from the field. We must not forget that the best oil is within the olive and we have to damage it as less as possible.

The olive Oil process is similar to the grape process, so its development and maturation, depends on annual weather conditions. Therefore every year oil could be similar but never equal.

When the olives are unloaded, they go through a blower machine that removes leaves, stems, soil, etc. Then, the olives are washed in running water to be ready for the milling process. Grinding is then made by a hammer crusher and a grating, appearing the olive paste. This paste is then malaxed at low temperature to allow the tiny oil droplets to agglomerate. Afterwards the paste is pumped into a decanter where the oil, water and solids will be separated by centrifugation. This automated system out of handling improuves the quality of the olive oil.

We have our oil mill in continuous renewal, controlling more about processes such as temperature, time of malaxation, etc.

The collected fruit is grinded within the first 24 hours of being harvested, which ensures its freshness. The oil is bottled unfiltered to keep all its properties.