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1.- Extra virgin olive oil is pure juice extracted from olives in excellent conditions and quality, is obtained only by mechanical procedures, with total absence of chemical elements and is qualified as 'extra' by a panel of expert tasters.

2.- Extra virgin olive oil is ideal for gastronomic use. It can be used raw and fried, combining with all imaginable products: meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, ice cream, etc. Its palatability offers a unique result on food: it enhances and reinforces its flavor.

3.-Extra virgin olive oil is a product that can be taken throughout life

4.- Extra virgin olive oil, due to its high content of oleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acid, flavonoids and squalene helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, oxidative stress, aging, cancer and osteoporosis.

5.- Extra virgin olive oil is recommended in the diet of the youngest ones because it prevents childhood asthma and in the growing season because it favors the creation of bone mass. Its consumption is also recommended in the diet of those who practice sports frequently or perform physical activity because it helps the cellular regeneration of muscles

6.- Extra virgin olive oil helps the metabolism of insulin in diabetics and improves blood pressure.

7.- Extra virgin olive oil also has innumerable topical applications: from natural moisturizer, to make-up remover or relaxing effects.
8.- Extra virgin olive oil is recommended for people who follow slimming diets as soon as they replace the polyunsaturated fats with monounsaturated fats. That is why it is a basic pillar of the 'Mediterranean diet', declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

9.-Extra virgin olive oil has an impact on those who raise and care for olive groves -the producer-, it generates social progress and helps to boost production areas.

10.- Extra virgin olive oil is not, in any case, the same as the 'olive oil' (to dry). Both come from the olive, but the second one - olive oil - needs a process of deodorization, chemical refining and mixing that makes it lose almost all its beneficial effects that the original extra virgin olive oil has.
Always use virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil. Be sure of the variety you consume and the source of it. Flee generic references. Remember that the commercial name of 'olive oil' implies the mixture of refined oils with virgins, or strangely, extra virgins.